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Maximize Your Soccer Potential with Private Soccer Training from Sisu Soccer Coaching

We believe that every player has the potential to improve and become a better version of themselves. That’s why we offer personalized private soccer coaching to help you unlock your true talent and elevate your game.

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What it's like to Train with Sisu Soccer Coaching

From beginners to elite players, our personalized approach caters to all skill levels, fostering growth and honing skills. Discover the transformative power of Sisu Soccer Coaching and elevate your game to new heights. Embrace the Sisu spirit and embark on a remarkable soccer journey with us today.

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Experience Personalized, Professional Soccer Coaching.

Sisu Soccer Coaching is dedicated to helping players of all levels unlock their potential and become better versions of themselves. With Coach Klaus’s extensive background in both playing and coaching, you can trust us to provide personalized, professional private training that will get you closer to your goals. Coach Klaus has private coached over 100+ players, played professionally in Finland, and had the experience of being a captain of a D2 College team, Concordia University Irvine.

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Professional Player In Europe

15+ Years Of Soccer Experience

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We Provide All Type's of Trainings

1-on-1 Group Training

Individual soccer training and small group training tailored to your specific needs. You can bring up to four players to the session for the same total cost.

Cost: $125 per hour

Home Training

We understand that it is more convenient for many players to train in the comfort of their own homes. That is why we also offer to travel to you.

Cost: $175 per hour

Team Consulting/Team Clinics

We offer team consulting and team clinics where we tailor the training based on the team’s needs. Reach out for more details.

Cost: $300 per hour session

Start Your Journey To Success.

The Top Reasons to Choose Sisu Soccer Coaching for Your Training !

Our personalized training programs are designed to meet your unique needs and goals, and our coaches work closely with you to ensure you reach your full potential. Plus, our track record of success and satisfied clients speaks for itself. Choose Sisu Soccer Coaching for unmatched training, and start reaching your soccer dreams today.

Personalized Private Soccer Training For Your Needs

Increased Attention That Player Does Not Get In A Team Training

Safe Environment To Grow And Learn

Our Experience Working With Players From All Levels And Backgrounds

Ready to take the next step of your soccer journey? Contact Sisu Soccer Coaching today and you will be a step closer to your goals.

Our Happy Clients!

Both of our sons have trained with Coach Klaus. Coach Klaus is not only a fantastic trainer, but he is also energetic, positive, and motivating. Both of our children enjoy his youthful energy and drive to teach. He makes every session fun, while they are gaining knowledge and skills. His love of the game always shines through in each session. Coach Klaus knows the right balance of challenge verses enjoyment. Coach Klaus always tailors the session to the appropriate skill level of the player and not necessarily to the player’s age. We would highly recommend Coach Klaus to players of all ages and skill sets!


Coach Klaus has been training my 9 year old son in our backyard for a few months now. He is full of energy and keeps my son moving. He is super encouraging and engaging. My son looks forward to his lessons every week and we can see a difference in his soccer skills already!


Coach Klaus is an excellent trainer. He’s always prepared and has a vast knowledge of soccer technique. Most importantly, he brings high energy to his training sessions. Our son loves training with him.


Coach Klaus has been an amazing trainer for me. He has helped me with countless things and taught me a lot. He has a great amount of experience, and truly cares about the players he trains!


Coach Klaus has been essential to Sean’s development with both technical skills and mental toughness. He places an equal value in making sure Sean has fun while working on his game. The combination of fun, technical knowledge and dedication to hard work make for an educational environment our 10 year-old looks forward to each week.


“My son has been working with Coach Klaus for over a year now and the progress he’s made is impressive. Not only has he improved his technical skills, but he’s also become a smarter and more tactical player. Coach Klaus has a great way of pushing his players while still making the training sessions fun and enjoyable.”


Sisu Soccer Coaching

We are dedicated to helping players of all levels achieve their goals through professional private training. Our experienced coaches provide personalized guidance and support to help you become the best version of yourself on the field. Contact us today to schedule a session and start your journey to success

About Us

We are dedicated to helping players of all levels achieve their goals through professional private training.

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