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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of soccer training does Sisu Soccer Coaching offer?

Every session at Sisu Soccer Coaching is different based on the individual’s needs. Our main focus is on the technical aspect of the game, but not forgetting the tactical, psychological, and physical part of the game. Everything in training is done with a ball, and we emphasize game-like situations in the sessions and provide skills and knowledge you can take to your next game.

How much does a training session cost?

We charge $125 per session, no matter if it is individual training or small group training. We believe that everyone should have the possibility for the best training possible, and group training allows you to split the $125 cost between the players.

How long is a typical training session?

The standard length of our session is 1h. However, we also offer longer sessions if that fits your needs and wants better.

Where are the training sessions held?

Our training sessions can be held at various locations in Orange County. We are primarily in Costa Mesa and Lake Forest, but flexible to also travel to your location.

What should I bring to a training session?

Players should bring comfortable athletic clothing, soccer cleats (not required), water bottle, and most importantly, a curious and excited mindset.

Is there an age limit for training sessions?

No, we welcome players of all ages, from children to adults.

Can I book a group training session with friends?

Yes! We offer group sessions for players who want to train with friends or teammates (remember to notify us that it is a group session when you are making your first booking)

How do I schedule a training session?

You can schedule a training session by filling out our online booking form “Contact Us” page, or by contacting us directly via email at: contact@sisusoccercoaching.com or by texting +1 (949) 522-0851.

What is your cancellation policy?

We have a 100% money-back guarantee if you need to cancel your session. We understand that anything can happen in life, and we are committed to serving our players in the best way possible.

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